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Multi use and silicone lubricants and building wraps from DuPont (Australia)

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Teflon multi use lubricants, silicone lubricants and white lithium complex grease are some of the Teflon lubricants available from DuPont (Australia) . The Teflon lubricants are formulated with Teflon fluoropolymer thus providing higher lubricant life, better water resistance features and temperature stability.

The multi use lubricants from DuPont (Australia) are suitable for use in a variety of surfaces ranging from wet surfaces to penetrate and coat frictional surfaces. These lubricants are available with silicone free film thus ensuring protection against oxidation and rust.

The multi use lubricants from DuPont (Australia) can be used on a variety of moving parts including hinges, fork lifts, sliding tracks, conveyor rollers, gates and hitches. Rusted bolts, mechanical chains, cams and pulleys, cables and locks and latches are some of the other moving parts where the multi use lubricants can be used.

The silicone lubricants from DuPont (Australia) are useful for protecting, preserving and lubricating plastics, rubbers, leather, vinyl and metal and wood. These lubricants eliminate the binding and squeaking in windows, fan belts, conveyors, hinges and cables.

These silicone lubricants are designed to perform in extreme temperatures and protect the farm equipment and fishing gears from corrosives and chlorine. The white lithium complex grease does not contain chlorinated solvents and are used on high load applications including, machinery, gears and shafts and roller conveyors.

DuPont (Australia) is also known for providing building wraps such as flex wraps and wall radiant barriers. The flex wrap building wraps are flashing tapes used commonly for doors, windows and complex architectural shapes.

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