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Herbicides and crop protection products from DuPont (Australia)

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DuPont (Australia)  provides a variety of crop protection products such as herbicides and insect control products to the vegetation management, forestry and grain and specialty crop sectors. Ally, Avatar, Brush-off, Staple and Steward are some of the crop protection products available from DuPont (Australia).

Ally is an herbicide which is efficient in controlling variety of weeds such as wire weed, turnip weed and ball mustard to name a few. Avatar is an insecticide available from DuPont (Australia) which provides control of caterpillar pests.

Boa herbicides are efficient in controlling a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses while the Brush off is a brush controller available from DuPont (Australia) and are useful for controlling bulbous weeds, broadleaf and brush.

Comanche is an herbicide product available from DuPont (Australia). These herbicides protect the sugar crops especially in sandy soils and are robust and versatile. Express herbicides are suitable for fallow hard to control weeds while the Granosan are efficient in controlling broadleaf weeds in barley, wheat and oats.

Herbicides for controlling weeds in bananas, apples, cereals and industrial and commercial areas such as cotton, pears and sugarcane are also available from DuPont (Australia). Griffin Koicide liquid blue is a concentrate fungicide which is useful for controlling variety of diseases of vegetables and fruits.

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