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Graffiti solutions from DuPont (Australia)

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DuPont (Australia)  offers a wide range of products such as graffiti solutions, crop protection products, performance coatings, Teflon lubricants and building wraps.

DuPont (Australia) caters to the need of agricultural, home and construction, safety and protection, communications, apparel and transportation industries. DuPont (Australia) is also known for producing man made fibres.

Varieties of graffiti solutions which are efficient in providing protection and removing graffiti from all the property and assets are available from DuPont (Australia). The protective coatings from DuPont (Australia) are designed using DuPont technology.

These graffiti removers and solutions from DuPont (Australia) are non-toxic and bio degradable thus ensuring the safety of the users. DuPont EZ-3463 graffiti removers are efficient in removing early graffiti and are also suitable for use on colour bond steel.

The unique feature of the graffiti removers from DuPont (Australia) is that dirt, graffiti and pollutants do not stick permanently to the DuPont protected surfaces. Graffiti removers from DuPont (Australia) used on unprotected surfaces and protective coatings allow for easy removal of such graffiti with minimal damages to the surface.

Krytox oils and greases from DuPont (Australia) offer better protection and load carrying abilities under extreme conditions. DuPont (Australia) is also known for manufacturing thermoplastic polyester resins and mineral reinforced resins to name a few.

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