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Back to the future for drum-mixing

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WHILE materials handling technologies have been revolutionised over the last few decades, some things haven't changed. According to Drum-Mates' proprietor Gerald Dimmock, the need for high-efficiency drum mixing equipment is one such mainstay of materials handling,

The company recently supplied two leading paint manufacturers with hand-mixers to blend pigments of their paint products.

"Their requirements were quite specific, and while generally most mixing applications for both our new and repeat customers require automatic, motorised mixers, in these cases a manual hand-mixing product was an application for which we were happy to supply a solution” Dimmock said

Drum-Mates' drum and IBC mixers, pumps, hand dispensing nozzles and accessories are designed for working in all sizes and shapes of containers.

"They can be used for a wide range of applications - essentially anywhere where liquid in a drum or IBC needs to be mixed" Dimmock said.

Drum-Mates manufactures and supplies many different kinds of equipment for processing liquids in drums and IBCs. Container materials can include mild steel, fibre, lined, stainless steel or plastic, and can range in volume from 5gal drums to much larger IBCs.

The mixing container can be sealed with a bung or man-way, or can be an open drum, while the liquid inside can require continuous or periodic blending.

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