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Purpose-buit marine transmissions

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article image PRM gearbox -- reliability and durability.

DRIVETRAIN Marine is the exclusive distributor covering the Pacific and Australasian region for PRM's range of marine transmissions.

These units are purpose-designed for marine use, including pleasure craft, workboat and fishing vessel applications.

PRM's hydraulically-operated gerarboxes feature a twin counter-shaft design, which enables full rated power to be transmitted in ahead or astern, with either left or right hand propellers-making them ideal for twin engine installations.

Two models, PRM80 and 120 are mechanically actuated with adjustment-free cone clutches.

Propellers can be trailed indefinitely, e.g., when sailing, under tow or in multiengined installations where one or more engines are shut down.

PRM gearbox units are designed for operation with normal engine specification lubricant-eliminating the need for special purpose automatic transmission fluid.

Built for reliability and durability, PRM hydraulic gearboxes are equipped with a "get you home" mechanical lock-up device. This safety feature maintains the operating clutches in engagement, in the event of hydraulic failure.

A safety start switch is also available as an option on all hydraulic models. This prevents the engine from being started unless the gearbox is in neutral - eliminating the risk of inadvertent damage due to uncontrolled boat movement on start-up.

All PRM marine gearboxes allow easy access to major components. Service items, e.g., oil pumps, are conveniently mounted externally.

Routine maintenance is limited to verifying operating temperatures and pressures, oil levels and the occasional inspection of seals for leaks.

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