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HS Turbochargers and turbocharger engineering services from Drivetrain Power and Propulsion

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Drivetrain Power and Propulsion  provide a complete, specialist turbocharger engineering service, including the manufacture, maintenance, repair and overhaul of large frame turbochargers.

This engineering service from Drivetrain Power and Propulsion assures turbochargers and fuel systems are tuned to achieve engine performance requirements even in the most extreme operating conditions.

Drivetrain Power and Propulsion are also suppliers of HS Turbochargers. Originally developed in 1958, today's new generation of HS Turbochargers were developed using advanced aerothermodynamic technology and are some of the most efficient turbochargers available in their power range.

These HS Turbochargers improve engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and engine thermal load, thereby increasing life expectancy of engine components and reducing maintenance costs.

HS Turbochargers feature over 20 combinations of compressor cuts and diffuser stagger angles, as well as 28 combinations of turbine cuts and a nozzle ring area, all of which ensure precise matching to engine needs.

Additional key features of these turbochargers include:

  • high strength, single piece alloy forged compressor
  • compressor internal recirculation to optimise efficiency at part load and increase the surge margin
  • small envelope and low mass
  • rotor assembly components are separately balanced allowing in-field replacement of individual rotating components
  • advanced materials in the turbine stage impervious to overheating and highly resistant to deposits accumulating, even in heavy fuel oil applications
  • oversize bearings provide extended overhaul periods
  • low inertia rotor assembly provides fast response to load changes
  • proven technology, easy maintenance performed in-situ
The turbocharger's inboard journal and thrust bearings, and two-stage air diffuser design allows it to maintain a compact, lightweight yet robust design. Additionally, the need for water cooling in HS Turbochargers has been eliminated thanks to internal thermal flows and special heat shields.

These design features make installation and maintenance simple for both retrofit and new engine applications. Other benefits thanks to the design of HS Turbocharges include:

  • reduced emissions
  • reduced engine thermal load
  • reduced fuel consumption.

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