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Drivetrain Reduces C02 Emission at Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre

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article image Electricity and Heat for the Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre

Drivetrain Power and Propulsion  has recently signed an agreement with Maribyrnong City Council to supply Electricity and Heat to the Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre (MAC). The agreement will see the installation of a clean burning Natural Gas Fuelled Cogeneration plant which will provide about 74% of the Sites electrical needs and also deliver heat to the pools which would otherwise be wasted in conventional generation techniques.

Previously the facility relied upon grid supplied electricity and gas boilers to heat the swimming pools. After a detailed assessment of the energy requirements including both electrical and heating demands, Drivetrain was able to design a system that provided substantial savings in terms of emissions and financial benefits.

Drivetrain will design, construct, install, own operate and maintain the Cogeneration plant at the MAC over a period of 15 years. The project will reduce utility costs at the centre whilst also reducing CO2 emissions by a massive 47%. This project addresses the need to improve environmental impact, whilst also providing reasonable financial returns and maintaining the public amenity of the centre.

The cogeneration plant incorporates a natural gas generator operating in parallel with the utility network and generates 264kW of power. The waste heat from the exhaust gases and jacket water heat recovery systems equate to approximately 400kW of thermal energy which is diverted to the swimming pool heat loads. This represents an overall system efficiency of about 89%, a substantial improvement over purchasing grid supplied power and conventional pool heating systems.

Power Generation and Cogeneration are at the core of Drivetrain application engineering capabilities; the Cogeneration plant at MAC demonstrates a tangible way of reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions whilst also reducing energy costs.

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