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Pipe rehabilitation and drain cleaning services offered by Drain Wise

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Drain Wise  offers range of services related to pipe rehabilitation and drain cleaning. Drain Wise has a whole range of specialised drain equipment including high pressure water jetting machines, CCTV drain cameras, flexi cutters, cable hammers and trenchless repair technology.

High pressure water jetting machines used by Drain Wise are capable of handling the tough blockages with simplicity. By the use of CCTV drain cameras, Drain Wise discovers the causes of blocked drain promptly, without any fuss.

Flexi cutters and cable hammers are used by Drain Wise for efficient removal of distant objects from drainage systems

Drain wise uses trenchless repair technology where trained technicians from Drain wise repair the drains with no excavation. The clients of Drain wise thus do not have to hollow out their drains up to fix them.

Drain Wise maintains the drainage in opposition to roots of trees by the use of the Vaporooter process. It has been seen that in some cases drains can be structurally sound apart from the seal of the joints which is generally rubber rings.

In such a situation tree roots can be prevented from rising back through these joints by the application of Vaporooter tree root control foam within the drains.

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