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Sea scooters and deck units from Dragon Bikes & Karts

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Dragon Bikes & Karts  offers a diverse range of vehicles that include aquatic gear vehicles. Aquatic gear vehicles from Dragon Bikes & Karts include sea scooters and 2 driver deck unit. Sea scooters have total weight ranging to about 8.4 kilograms and available in conjunction with battery. Various other features of sea scooters include variable speed control, adjustable buoyancy, thrust of about seven kilograms and motor operable in power conditions of 200 watts.

2 Diver deck unit from Dragon Bikes & Karts possess a comprehensive range of features including two regulators, two harness, oil free compressor, tough plastic case, high pressure relief valve, carrying bag, high pressure valve, two air filters, double headed diaphragm pump construction, internal anodising corrosion protection, two air filters, 12 feet cable in conjunction with quick connectors and require minimal maintenance.

12V air supply units from Dragon Bikes & Karts provide air supply and specifically designed for commercial drivers as well as recreational drivers. These air supply units have light and compact construction and available in conjunction with powerful compressors.

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