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How old equipment can endanger employees
27.09.2012 - Most workplace deaths and injuries in Australia are attributed to ‘plant’, a term that refers to the machinery, equipment, appliances and tools used in the workplace.
Improving productivity with cranes
26.09.2012 - Productivity is a key component in industries where any change can impact the profitability of the company.
Using the right lifting equipment at the workplace
25.09.2012 - Using the right tool for the job is an important part of workplace safety and efficiency.
Using lifting equipment to protect workers’ health
24.09.2012 - Manual handling injuries account for some 40% of workplace accidents, mostly caused by incorrect lifting of loads by employees and absence of suitable lifting equipment.
How the simple block and tackle evolved into today’s chain hoist
21.09.2012 - Sophisticated lifting devices such as the chain hoists of today have evolved from simple devices such as the block and tackle.
Effective ways to monitor warehouse efficiency
20.09.2012 - Warehouse efficiency comes from monitoring warehouse procedures, instituting changes that reduce the time taken to do certain tasks, multi-tasking wherever possible and eliminating unnecessary processes.
Dowrie Cranes partners with Donati to extend overhead cranes and lifting solutions range
10.10.2011 - Dowrie Cranes has partnered with Italian company Donati Sollevamenti Srl (Donati) to add the Donati range of electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists to its overhead cranes and lifting solutions for
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