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Boar rock drills from Downunder Mining

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Zitron duct fans, Kangabag vent ducts and boar rock drills are the latest products available from Downunder Mining . Zitron duct fans provide less noise and it can be split into two complete fans.

The Kangabag vent duct is an all welded constructed duct and is efficient in reducing air losses and operating costs. The boar rock drills from Downunder Mining offers several benefits to the user. These rock drills provides less vibration and reduced noise levels. The rock drills also offers improved vision for the up holes. These boar rock drills penetrates into all ground conditions and are useful in reducing the maintenance costs.

The MFD multi functional drills are available in three options including, independent air leg control, sinker and centralized control. These multi functional drills are user friendly as it is easier to drill during adverse conditions. These Boar multi functional drills consist of a lightweight piston and are available with a powerful rotation mechanism and flushing thus making drilling with low air pressures easy and simple.

These multi functional drills consist of a drill retainer. These drill retainers are prevented from flipping open during the operation thus ensuring maximum safety to the user. Special alloy steels are used to increase the strength and wear resistance of such drills. Flow regulators are also fitted to the drill water hose to regulate the excessive flow of water through the drill rods.

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