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Hydraulic reservoir and power unit manufacturing system

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THE DEE-JAY hydraulic reservoir and power unit manufacturing system is available from Doug Symons and Associates .

This is not just a hydraulic reservoir, but also a versatile and efficient manufacturing system that allows power units to be assembled virtually DIY, according to Doug Symons and Associates.

DEE-JAY reservoirs are structurally sound to support equipment loads, reduce noise reverberation and resist thermal distortion.

Reservoirs are pre-drilled for standard oil level/temperature gauges one end and require no marking out or cutting.

Reservoirs offer a choice of four lid designs including:

1) Basic plain lid, reversible and rotatable

2) Lids with provision for bell housings, bulk head nipples, "A" series adaptor

3) Doug Symons and Associates’ thirteen (13) "A" series adaptor pIates mount most types of tank top filters, filIer breathers, drains and drop in baffles

4) A DEE-JAY manifold system that allows complete circuits to be built up to include pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, return line filter, stacking of CETOP 3 and 5 subplates, air filter and clogging indicator, which eliminates pipe work.

Larger reservoirs have a system of baffles to separate hot and cold oil flows, reduce turbulence, maximise heat dissipation and removal of entrained air and includes the rated working capacity plus 25% free air space.

Reservoirs range in size from 15 to 500 litres ex-stock.

The DEE-JAY reservoir allows a selection of lids to suit motor frame sizes D80 to D225.

Features include:

• All holes are laser cut to close tolerances. This prevents the formation of spatter and burrs. All bolt-in components are symmetrical and reversible

• Standard internal finish is an oil and temperature resistant lacquer to reduce condensation and rust above the oil level, with an external finish in black etching primer

• Stainless steel reservoirs are available

• Provision for handling and slinging

• Incorporates a sloping base to allow oil residues and contaminants to settle below the oil flow paths. The drain port is located at the bottom of the slope for ease of cleaning

• Has no dirt traps, scale or welding spatter

• Flexible gap sealing gaskets to provide air tight seal between the reservoir, lid, adaptor plates and manifold blocks.

The DEE-JAY reservoir is one hundred percent Australian designed and manufactured to the highest quality, says Doug Symons and Associates.

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