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'Zero Slip-Stick' engineering performance

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article image Wear pads machined from Nylatron 703XL (inset) permit machinery to operate with optimum smoothness.

A MAJOR advance has been announced in engineering thermoplastics formulated for wear resistance and fine motion control in the construction, production and processing equipment industries.

New Nylatron703 XL from Dotmar EPP features 'Zero Slip-Stick' performance for precise and efficient motion control of machinery components including wear pads, bearing blocks, wear guides and linear bearings.

Machinery equipped with Nylatron 703XL can accurately produce the smaller movements made possible by today's sophisticated control devices, says Dotmar EPP Applications Development Engineer Aldo Mostacci.

Telescoping or sliding parts - such as those in cranes and materials handling equipment - move smoothly over pads made from Nylatron 703XL, without sticking or jumping.

Such precision is made possible by the new material's "Zero Slip-Stick Performance" in which static and dynamic coefficients of friction approximate each other at virtually every point over the product's useful range.

Nylatron 703 XL builds on the success of Nylatron NSM, which has been industry's premier material for such applications for nearly 20 years.

The latest material sets a new standard of machined part performance for liner bearing and wear pad applications, providing lifting equipment with new levels of performance, says Mr Mostacchi.

Materials such as Nylatron NSM and Nylatron GSM remain available, being widely used in critical bearing applications.

Key benefits of Nylatron 703 XL (in addition to 'Zero Slip-Stick' performance) include mechanical strength to withstand high loads, high abrasion resistance, good thermal resistance and good dimensional stability.

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