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Tough and clear Safeguard shields safety hazards

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TRANSPARENT and easily shaped polycarbonates, tough enough to be used as prison windows, are achieving widespread use as virtually unbreakable shielding for industrial machinery and valuable property.

Safeguard ECK100XX and Safeguard GP from Dotmar EPP can be cost-efficiently custom-fabricated into guards to protect operators of a broad range of fixed and mobile industrial equipment, ranging from small localised hazards to entire components.

These non-corrosive materials - which clearly transmit 89% of light (Units ASTN D 1003) - can also be used to protect buildings, plant, signs and commercial and public property.

They require no maintenance, have very high impact strength, good noise absorption and strong resistance to physical abrasion and chemical attack, said Engineering Manager for Dotmar EPP, Aldo Mostacci.

Safeguard ECK100XX, with its unique silicone hard coat, which provides a protective costing that prevents scratching, is used for machine guards, prison and security windows, noise walls and in public amenities such as bus shelters, signs, sports stadiums and protection against vandalism.

Safeguard GP is typically used for machine guards and enclosures, as well as architectural glazing, viewing panels, switchgear cabinets, power transmission covers, scientific instrumentation, medical and pharmaceutical devices, duct panels, insulating ports for electrical engineering and components in contact with food. They are also used to protect operators of forklifts, earthmoving machinery and conveyors.

Because of their resilience - Safeguard has a shock load resistance 30 to 40 times that of acrylic clear sheet - they are maintenance-free.

Safeguard ECK100XX is UV stablilised and both grades have no need for painting, absorb noise, are light and easy to handle (particularly compared to steel covers and glass), have good dimensional stability and a wide temperature performance range.

Safeguard materials also provide good insulation, with high dielectric resistance, are weatherproof, resist aggression from corrosive chemicals such as sulphuric acid and caustic soda.

Safeguard polycarbonate is chemically inert and can be easily cleaned, qualities invaluable in applications ranging from food and primary product processing through to mining and mineral processing.

Safeguard is available as rod, sheet or tube, or Dotmar EPP can precision machine the material into parts for particular applications.

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