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article image Transparent Safeguard PC from Dotmar EPP used as machinery guards

A TRANSPARENT polycarbonate with a shock load resistance 250 times that of glass and more than 30 times that of acrylic clear sheet is available from Dotmar EPP for industrial safety shield applications.

Particularly suitable for use by companies upgrading safety compliance measures over the traditional December-January maintenance season, Safeguard PC is cut to shape by Dotmar to function as see-through machine guards.

Custom-fabricated from rod, sheet or tube, the tough but lightweight Safeguard PC is easy to handle and suitable for use in machine surrounds and as protective panels in applications traditionally served by metal and similar material, says Dotmar engineering director Bruce Armstrong.

"In addition to outstanding strength and impact resistance, transparent Safeguard panels enhance safety and save time by keeping functioning machinery in full view, rather than being hidden away," he says.

Other properties of Safeguard include:

* It is practically indestructible.

* Sound deadening properties comparable to plate glass of equal thickness.

* High heat deflection temperature under load.

* Excellent mechanical strength in the temperature range -100°C to +120°C.

* Up to 90 per cent light transmission and optical clarity.

* Good dimensional stability and electrical insulating properties.

* Low moisture absorption and self extinguishing properties.

* Non-toxicity, making it suitable in food and medical applications.

* Electrical insulation properties.

* Maintains high impact strength even after long periods outdoors.

Safeguard PC comes in sheet sizes 2440mm x 1200mm and 2440mm x 1850mm; thicknesses of 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm, 10.0mm; and in the grades of ECK 100 (general purpose clear, suitable for most guards) and ECK 100 XX hard coated PC (superior scratch-resistant quality grade).

Rods are available in diameters of 6mm - 200mm. The product can be cut, drilled, finished, punched and water-jet cut. It can be solvent-cemented, adhesive-cemented, bent or vacuum formed.

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