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Polystone Propylene available from Dotmar EPP

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Polystone Polypropylene, available from Dotmar EPP , has long been the forgotten child with engineers when temperature, chemical resistance and rigidity are required in extreme environments.

Dotmar EPP’s Polystone Polypropylene in industry terms is a homopolymer material as opposed to a copolymer material commonly offered. Although similar in many aspects each exhibits distinct differences in both appearance and performance. For example homopolymer Polystone Propylene is a rigid material with a greater resistance to creep and higher tensile strength than the copolymer.

Polystone Polypropylene has a continual service operating temperature of 130°C which has for years bridged the thermoplastic material gap between PVC (60 degree Celsius), HDPE (90°C) and Advanced Engineering Plastic materials such as PVDF (150°C), ECTFE (160°C) and PFA (260°C ) in chemical storage applications.

Polystone Polypropylene also offers the advantages in relation to weight with a specific gravity of 0.9 when compared to PVC (1.45) and fibreglass (1.45).

Traditionally used for chemical vessel construction in sheet form Polystone Polypropylene is also available in rod and tube and is widely utilised for finished machined parts where a high chemical resistance, high service temperature, high electrical insulation and rigidity are required.

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