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Polystone P300 HDPE copolymer available from Dotmar EPP

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The Polystone P300 HDPE copolymer, available from Dotmar EPP , continues to set the HDPE benchmark throughout Australia and New Zealand. Polystone P300 is known for its machinability, UV resistance and weldability.

Supplied by Rochling, the manufacturer of Polyolefins, Polystone P300 is produced using a copolymer HDPE resin. Utilising this special grade resin, results in Polystone P300 improved exhibiting properties.

The properties exhibited by Rochling's copolymer HDPE enable these to be used for various applications that include:

• Design and manufacture of tanks and vessels for chemical storage applications (utilising RITA)
• Finished parts for food applications such as chopping boards
• Engineered applications in high impact environments
• Wear parts
• Custom machine guards

Polystone P300 HDPE copolymers comprise of a diverse range of features:

Higher molecular weight resulting in impact resistance
Superior environmental stress cracking resistance
Superior acid resistance
Increased safety
Suitable for New Zealand and Australian climatic conditions
Wide operating temperature of -50 to +80 ºC with no brittleness
Greater resistance to staining in food applications

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