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Polyslide Systems designed to increase chain life

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article image Highly wear-resistant chains from Polyslide Systems.

DOTMAR EPP is offering a family of long-life alternatives to traditional metal chain guide profiles that cause heavy wear on chain link plates and rollers and require constant lubrication.

Polyslide Systems’ low-friction chains are designed to increase chain life, reduce noise and provide extremely tough but light structural components for materials handling applications.

The chains are suitable for manufacturing and packaging, assembly, machinery engineering, chemical production, timber handling and food, beverage, glass and primary product processing.

Polyslide Systems incorporate an extensive range of chain-track profiles, wear-strips and tensioners for use in power transmissions, conveyors and elevators.

The Polyethylene (PE) plastics family includes:

* Polyslide chain track system

* Murtfeldt spann box chain tensioners

* Polyslide tabletop chain guides

* Polystone ultra extruded profiles.

"These highly wear-resistant products made from the Polystone family of engineering plastics are designed to eliminate excessive chain wear that often leads to premature and often unpredictable chain elongation," said Dotmar EPP Engineering Development Manager, Aldo Mostacci

"This is important in a wide range of industries because chain elongation leads to chain oscillation, destabilising chain drives and causing irregular conveyor travel, for example. It also reduces the operational life of chains that are central to materials handling processes.

"Elimination of these problems cuts downtime and maintenance, substantially reducing overall costs and minimises the risk of expensive disruption caused by unscheduled breaks in production."

Polyslide provides excellent sliding properties, outstanding abrasion resistance and a very low coefficient of friction. The high-performance system offers a high impact resistance and flexural strength (even at low temperatures), as well as resisting chemicals, corrosion, stress cracking and splintering.

Each pre-sized, compatible Polyslide component has a low specific weight, repels water and dirt, and dampens vibration and noise.The units are light and easy to handle and install and are completely safe to use, said Mr Mostacci.

Elements of the Polyslide System are designed either to be integrated into a complete materials handling system, or to operate individually as stand-alone items. The Polyslide System has been designed to complement and support every type of chain.

Profiles include - simplex, duplex, cage (with and without C-steel), flat-profile with C-steel and U-profile with C-steel. Closed cage and metal C-profile for galvanised and stainless steel C-profiles are also available.

Where space savings in power roller drives are required, double-decker guide rails for roller chains are available. Such rails also help to reduce the cost of installation.

"Polyslide profiles are increasingly being used within the transport, packaging and food processing industries to support or laterally limit guides during conveyance," said Mr Mostacci.

Spann-Box and Spann-Boy automatic chain tensioners from Murtfeldt Plastics complement the conveying system. These self-tensioning devices permanently provide tensioning where required and, by following the chain elongation, prevent vibration and ensure a smooth conveying operation.

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