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article image Chemfab materials are available in rolls which can be slit to custom widths from 10mm upwards.

THE Chemfab series of PTFE coated fabrics and conveyor belts from Dotmar Heatbelts has been developed for low friction, easy release, non-stick and heat-sealing operations.

Chemfab materials are durable and lightweight. Chemfab fabrics and conveyor belts are suitable for process systems in industries including chemical processing, electrical, food processing, baking, manufacturing, screen printing, packaging, aerospace, mineral processing and defence.

Chemfab coated fabrics are reliable, stable and non-toxic and satisfy with hygiene requirements in the food industry.

Chemfab products have good dielectric strength, a wide thermal range, good dimensional stability, low shrinkage and are flex resistant. The products are also resistant to most chemicals, fire and heat.

The effective temperature range is between -50°C and +260°C.

The woven fabric is suitable for general-purpose manufacturing, assembly, production and packaging and can be used safely with microwave, radio frequency, ultra violet and infrared techniques, as well as cryogenic freezing.

As an industrial belting fabric, Chemfab products provide weight and energy savings in various ways. Low mass and layout weight results in a small power consumption, good heat transfer properties mean energy absorption levels are lower than conventional materials, and low surface static allows easy release of products.

Chemfab fabrics and belts meet a variety of operational requirements such as baking, cooling, freezing, ink and solvent drying, vacuum forming, shrink wrapping, film sealing, curing, laminating, thermal forming, pressing, fusing, contact frying, resin bonding and re-soldering.

Belts are manufactured at Dotmar Heatbelts' Australian facility to meet the customised needs of local industry.

Specialty PTFE heat sealer and zone tapes for the packaging industry are readily available in conductive and plain grades.

From Chemfab materials, Dotmar Heatbelts has supplied specialised applications including chute linings, heat sealing jaw covers, covers for platens, rollers and dryer cans, drying oven curtains, splash curtains and aprons, mandrel covers, weigh pan covers, insulation gaskets, trough and tray liners.

PTFE coated fabrics are available in the standard width of 1000mm in rolls 30m long, and in a range of thicknesses and weaves to suit particular applications.

Coated fabrics are available either plain (non-adhesive) with a temperature range from -150°C to +260°C, adhesive backed in self-wound rolls or with interliners. Temperature range is between -70°C and +260°C.

Rolls can be slit to custom widths from 10mm upwards. Fabrics are also available in black, conductive grades, for static dissipation, and for use in UV-resistant applications.

Chemlam multi-laminar sheet and conveyor belts, also from Dotmar, have durable and non-toxic multi-laminar surfaces. They are suitable for applications in the food processing industry and facilitate rapid processing, good heat transfer and long belt life.

Featuring a completely pin-hole and crack free surface, Chemlam is suited to the processing of foods and other products containing oils, greases and sugars.

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