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Nylatron 703XL zero stick-slip nylon from Dotmar EPP

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Nylatron 703XL, available from Dotmar EPP , is a nylon with zero stick-slip. The zero stick slip properties allows for a more precise, more sensitive motion control.

Nylatron 703XL is well proven in the European and Asian markets for different applications. One such application is sliding/wear pads in telescopic crane booms. Nylatron 703XL is the material of choice because of the virtual absence of vibrations during the movement of the boom resulting in more efficient positioning of the crane. 703XL with its self lubricating properties ensures traditional lubrication is a thing of the past.

Other targeted applications are conveyor tracks for high speed bottling where Nylatron 703XL can reduce operational energy costs. Also applications in forestry equipment, pneumatic and electric controlled sliding pads and linear actuators have proven successful.

Dynamic Co-efficient of Friction

(Lower is better - Plastic pin on rotating steel disk method)

The features of Nylatron 703XL are:

  • zero stick slip
  • low co-efficient of friction
  • mechanical strength
  • wear performance of nylons

The benefits are:

  • lower maintenance/costs
  • reduced operational energy costs
  • longer life of mating surfaces
  • accurate smaller movements are achievable

Nylatron 703XL is available in plates at 10, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80mm at the maximum size of 3050mm X 1220mm.

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