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New member of Teflon family

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article image Member of the Teflon family with improved characteristics.

TETCO V is a chemically modified PTFE that fills the gap between conventional PTFE and melt-processable PFA. It extends the range and versatility of engineering plastics available in Australia through Dotmar EPP .

A number of the properties of traditional PTFE have been improved by modifying the polymer chain. Tetco V offers excellent weldability, lower deformation under load and low permeability

It is suitable for machinery components such as seals, welded components, gaskets, encapsulated metal inserts and bearing pads.

It is available as sheet, rod, tube or machined parts. It has a tensile strength of 36MPa, a hardness of 59 units Shore D and a dielectric strength of 95kV/mm. It also has high surface resistivity and an elevated flammability flash point of 530°C.

It is a suitable engineering material for a variety of industries including automotive, chemical, engineering, electrical and electronics, food, manufacturing, materials handling, mining and resources, mineral processing, primary product processing, pulp and paper, safety and waste water.

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