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Matrox liners solve materials handling problems

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article image Dotmar EPP installers prevent bulk solid material ingress by welding the Matrox lining joints.

A new breed of low-friction liners have been introduced by Dotmar EPP to prevent materials handling problems with three 80t capacity conical feed bins being used in a new Victorian mineral sands project.

The Australian thermoplastic engineers have installed the latest formulation of Polystone Matrox flow promotion linings from the international Rochling group to avoid problems such as material hangup or ratholing, which could disrupt smooth production.

"The Rochling-manufactured premium grade polymer liner is specifically designed for lining hoppers, chutes, bins, dump truck bodies, dozer blades and many other applications requiring solutions to sliding abrasion and ensuring release of sticky, hard-to-move materials," said Dotmar EPP Application Development Specialist, John Riordan.

Engineers at the Victorian project - one of the first to employ the latest ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) Matrox polymer liner - anticipated materials handling issues because of the nature of the material being handled - sand containing various levels of moisture.

Dotmar EPP therefore designed the bins with a 15mm-thick Matrox lining to reduce the internal boundary friction to overcome in advance any flow issues that were otherwise forecast to occur.

An interstate task force was formed for the project with Dotmar EPP Melbourne staff prefabricating the panels in the precise shapes required so Dotmar EPP Sydney staff on-site could line the three bins swiftly and concurrently.

Working closely with local tradesmen and contractors involved in the project, Dotmar EPP's team fitted its efforts precisely into a demanding commissioning schedule, said Mr Riordan.

He said the proven family of tough Polystone plastic liners have established a reputation throughout Australasia for reducing wear, clogging and noise compared with metals.

Now Dotmar EPP Pty Ltd and its business partners are introducing new formulation Matrox lining systems as one of the most advanced materials in this high performance family.

"Rochling have introduced formulation enhancements to ensure an extremely high quality product is produced for use in many demanding bulk solids handling industries,” said Mr Riordan.

“Rigorous quality control and precise production measurement systems also ensure impressive physical properties to benefit mining, minerals and concentrate handling, quarrying, chemical, filtration, packaging, timber and marine industries.

"Highly regarded local and overseas test bodies have conducted direct wall friction and shear test comparisons between MATROX and alternative materials. These have delivered conclusive, positive results in MATROX's favour on each occasion. Furthermore, successful field results add considerable weight to the benefits to the end user, converting increased production and less stoppages into commercial reality," he said.

"Dotmar EPP Pty Ltd can engineer installations drawing on years of experience including large onshore and offshore installations.

“At a time of acute skills shortages throughout resources and many other industries, we are able to assist clients at the design, tendering and installation phases as required, reducing the pressure and work load on them,” added Mr Riordan.

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