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Magnetic conveyor cornering systems

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article image The new magnetic curves.

MAGNETIC corner track systems, that increase the performance of conveyors while reducing wear and tear on critical curve sections, are available from Dotmar EPP .

The new magnetic system curves are used in conjunction with conveyors actuated by Flexon System Plast stainless steel or plastic flat top chains.

Benefits of Dotmar’s new corner tack systems include simpler installation and reduced maintenance and downtime.

Complementary magnetic corner systems with heat-dissipating metal strips are being introduced by Dotmar for dry-running applications, where benefits include lower noise levels and reduced wear on key load-bearing surfaces.

The company's range of magnetic system curves are retained in conveyor systems by magnets located in their curve. The new system offers greater flexibility and improved efficiency compared with older tab or bevel systems, because the design allows for easy removal of chains from the curve, facilitating cleaning and maintenance without dismantling.

They also allow steel and plastic chains to be used in the same curves, which simplifies conveyor construction, reduces inventories and reduces costs.

This advantage is enhanced by stainless steel sideflexing magnetic retained chain having the same chain width as 815 series straight-running chain. It uses identical sprockets.

Main advantages of the system include:

* Extreme dissipation of heat to significantly reduce wear.

* Lowest decibel levels achieved under rigorous test conditions.

Durability of the system is enhanced by the use of premium construction materials. Upper sections are produced from 1200-grade UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) with a molecular weight exceeding 7.3 million g/mol, to ensure optimum wear life. Return tracks are available in regenerated 1000 grade UHMW-PE.

This arrangement ensures cost savings for the end-user, because the wear on return tracks is normally less significant than on the top section. Use of anhydrous materials prevents curve swelling and distortion when exposed to water or moisture for lubrication.

Dual magnetic system curves have magnets positioned on the outside of the centre line radius of each track to provide more effective counteracting through the curve.

The positioning of magnets is an advantage because it does not increase chain load or friction, unlike similar systems.

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