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Low-friction engineering plastic

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article image Suitable for the manufacture of mechanical precision parts.

DOTMAR EPP has released Ertalyte, a tough, low-friction engineering plastic that solves common wear problems in industrial machinery.

It offers a high mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness, very good creep resistance, a low and constant coefficient of friction and low stick-slip sensitivity. These properties, coupled with wear resistance and very good dimensional stability, make the material suitable for the manufacture of mechanical precision parts which have to sustain high loads and/or are subject to wear. Typically such parts include bearings, bushings, wear plates, thrust washers, guides, gears, rollers, sheaves, pump components, valve parts and electrical insulating components.

Ertalyte is manufactured under a quality system approved to ISO 9002 and is physiologically inert, making it suitable for food contact. It can be precision machined by to individual customers' requirements.

For unlubricated moving part applications, a premium, internally-lubricated bearing grade material called Ertalyte TX is used. It incorporates a uniformly dispersed solid lubricant and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of sliding parts where low-friction, long-wear, high-load-bearing capacity and a very good dimensional stability are required. Applications include precision engineering and machine construction.

Ertalyte TX has superior wear resistance, a lower coefficient of friction and very high pressure-velocity capabilities. It also has good chemical resistance (except with alkaline solutions), very good machineability, moderate impact strength and good electrical properties.

The Ertalyte series forms part of the Quadrant EPP family of engineering plastics stock shapes. It is available as rods from 10mm to 150mm, sheets in thickness from 8mm to 100mm and tubes with outside diameters from 20mm to 200mm. Dotmar EPP can also supply non-standard configurations on request.

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