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Lightweight and hygienic grid system

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article image Polystone grating system from Dotmar EPP.

A NEW commercial and industrial grating system that combines light weight, toughness and non-toxicity is being introduced for cooking, processing, packing and washdown areas of diverse industries.

Dotmar EPP 's Polystone grating system - available in standard 1200mm lengths, 8mm slots and widths from 100-300mm - weighs about an eighth of steel equivalents but doesn't corrode and is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and by-products.

UV stable, colourfast, non-slip, maintenance-free and with a high electrical insulation value, Polystone specialised polymer is already used in demanding applications such as food and wastewater processing.

It is also suitable for use around plant and animal by-products, as well as washdown areas of mechanical workshops.

"The new grating manufactured from Polystone does not absorb moisture, so it will not swell, delaminate, corrode or splinter. It is easy to clean, hygienic, scuff-resistant and very tough," says Dotmar product specialist Dimitri Virski.

Manufactured in straight and bendable sections for curves, Polystone grating is available in standard colours such as red, green, yellow and blue with stippled or plain surfaces.

Customised colours are available to indicate safety considerations, for example, or particular areas of an industry's operation. Product dimensions can also be customised to particular needs.

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