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Fluoropolymer for demanding applications

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article image Components engineered from Tetron Fluoropolymer.

DOTMAR Engineering Plastic Products (Dotmar EPP) is custom engineering Tetron Fluoropolymer (PTFE) for demanding applications in many industries. As a virgin material Tetron is affected by only a few chemicals and solvents, has good dielectric properties, can operate continuously at 260ºC, has low temperature toughness, a slippery non-stick surface and excellent UV-resistance.

It can be customised by the addition of fillers to create PTFE compounds with enhanced physical properties to suit particular mechanical applications otherwise outside the scope of Tetron S. Special filled formulations often incorporate glass, carbon, graphite, bronze or steel.

Hard and soft carbon alloys permit close tolerance machining, bronze fillers offer the best creep resistance and glass graphite has excellent wear properties against soft metals. These are characteristics sought after in hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid handling applications.

Tetron S is the chemically inert standard material, Tetron G is glass filled, Tetron C is carbon filled and Tetron B is bronze filled. Tetron GR is filled with glass graphite, and Ticomp S and Tetco V are modified for special applications.

Tetron pin insulators are used in high-frequency cable plugs for coaxial cables, insulating well at elevated temperatures and frequencies. Tetron does not absorb moisture, allowing it to maintain integrity throughout an entire service life. Tetron S is non-toxic at room temperature.

Tetron is available as a stock shape in rod, sheet and thin section sheet or rolls together with a range of custom-moulded cylinders in 150mm and 300mm lengths. Typically, these materials are machined into seals, gaskets, seats, rings, expansion bearings, insulators and other components.

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