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Dotmar EPP unveils a range of conveyor and machinery components to enhance System Plast

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Dotmar EPP has unveiled a range of conveyor and machinery components to enhance Dotmar’s System Plast materials handling systems.
The new System Plast Lines – plus new Roll-Flex multidirectional rollers – apply particularly to industries concerned with automation, reliability, hygiene, safety and rapid response to changing production needs.
Introduction of the world-renowned systems and components by high performance plastics engineering specialist, Dotmar EPP follows the company’s acquisition of Malco Industrial Products.
Dotmar EPP Conveyor Products incorporates further world-renowned systems and components from System Plast, including:
Conveyor Line, incorporating extensive ranges for setting up automated goods handling systems. The material used for components - such as drive sprockets, return party, guides, clamps and brackets -can withstand particularly difficult working conditions. The structural simplicity of each component facilitates plant sanification procedures, which is an important advantage of System Plast’s acetyl-based technology in beverage, brewing, bottling, canning and packaging applications.
Bearing Line, incorporating auto-aligning flanged support shafts with sections from 12-40mm. Made of thermoplastic resins or resin-stainless steel combinations, the products are particularly suitable for work environments, where maximum reliability and resistance to wear and tear are required (often in the presence of dust, sand, high humidity, and oxidizing and corrosive agents).
Presso Line and Eco Line fixed, articulated and anti-vibration feet to support and set straight machinery in all industrial sectors. They include thermoplastic, steel and stainless steel types for all work environments, from food to pharmaceutical to the most aggressive and corrosive environments.
System Frame safety range is designed to produce in the shortest possible time resistant safety guards for any machine. The practicality of the system gives easy access, and enables the machine to be sanified daily where necessary. The modular concept of the system enables safety panels to be removed, without having to disassemble the entire machine.
System Chains is a versatile range of sanifyable modular chains and components for conveyor belts. The use of acetyl resin, special polymers and stainless steel guarantee outstanding performance in terms of sturdiness, dimensional stability, loading capacity and resistance to chemical agents, and to thermal shock. Versatile and stable flat band chains create high efficiency systems.
In addition to System Plast technology, Dotmar EPP is also expanding its ranges of the Roll-Flex multidirectional rollers system, which is designed to rationalize materials handling in an inexpensive way. Compact Roll-flex rollers are suitable for all industries, where material or packages need to be smoothly and easily transferred, sorted or turned in any direction.

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