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Dotmar EPP supply precision cast polyurethane parts as a rubber replacement

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article image Polyurethane is an ideal rubber replacement for things such as wheels

Plastic engineering specialists, Dotmar EPP , are manufacturers of thermoplastics and polyurethanes as a replacement for rubber in a range of applications.

In many cases thermoplastics, polyurethane and rubber are easily interchangeable, however when it comes to high abrasion and high wear applications, high performance thermoplastics and polyurethane often outperform rubber due to their impact strength, machining capabilities, and economical benefits.

Thermoplastics are an ideal rubber replacement for applications requiring high rigidity and stiffness. It has excellent load bearing capacities and wear resistance. Thermoplastic is also a better material for low to medium volume production runs, as well as the machining of intricate plastic parts.

Alternatively, polyurethane parts are also an ideal rubber replacement material. Precision casting of polyurethane parts is possible with relatively low set-up costs and broad flexibility in terms of colour options.

Polyurethane rod, sheet, and tube are widely used as a rubber replacement material in the following industries:

  • building and construction
  • electrical
  • industrial manufacturing
  • materials handling
  • mining
  • packaging; and
  • transport.

Key advantages of using polyurethane as a rubber replacement include:

  • higher cut and abrasion resistance
  • higher load bearing capacity
  • excellent salt water resistance.

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