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Nurseryman Trio from Dosing Systems Australia

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The Nurseryman Trio is a panel system specifically designed for nursery applications. It contains three Dosmatic Injectors plumbed inline.

It is mounted on a 12mm polymer board and features a by-pass configuration enabling the injection capacity to be isolated.

Designated mixing chambers to ensure complete blending of additive:

  • 3 Injectors:   #1 Acid   #2 "A" Fertilizer  #3 "B" Fertilizer
  • pH correction: The first injector remotely injects acid into the first mixing chamber
  • Filtration: The dosmatic Twist II Clean filter is used to filter the drive water to 104 micron
  • An Anti Siphon valve is incorporated to minimise the risk of siphoning when system is not in use
  • A ball valve is incorporated as the treated water leaves the system. This enables a sample to be taken for EC and pH evaluation
  • Available in 3 pipe and injector sizes

Remote injection of fertilizer so that only water drives each injector. Fertilizer can be abrasive in nature which will reduce the life of the injector if allowed to be incorporated in the drive water of the following injector.

¾” ~ Maximum Flow 40 Litres per minute
1”  ~ Maximum Flow 100 Litres per minute
1½” ~ Maximum Flow 150 Litres per minute

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