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Dosmatic offers injector for sports fields

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Dosmatic offers proportional injectors, which are suited to the management of sports fields. Precisely inject fertilizers, wetting agents or soil amendments into the irrigation water without leaving the pump shed. Dosmatic proportional injectors are powered by a range of water driven motors.
In Dosmatic’s water driven motor technology, the fertilizer is not mixed through the motor. Dosmatic blends the fertilizer / concentrate within a mixing chamber external to the motor, therefore minimising chemical attack on motor components and removing the risk of chemical residues building up on, and potentially fouling valving and ports.
Dosmatic proportional fertilizer injectors are fully adjustable while in operation; the adjustment sleeve has to be turned to the desired injection rate. Different models will accommodate injection ranges of between 1:8000 and 1:10.
Dosmatic fertilizer injectors will proportionally inject water flows from a low 6.6 litres per hour to massive 45,000 litres per hour.

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