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Chemilizer volumetric chemical injectors from HydroNova

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Available from HydroNova , Chemilizer’s range of volumetric proportioning products includes a precision line of volumetric chemical injectors based on proven diaphragm technology.  

Chemilizer volumetric chemical injectors are ideal for applications requiring a consistent level of chemical product to be injected into a water line, without the cost and hassle of an electronic pump.  

Powered by the existing water supply, Chemilizer injectors feature an internal motor that drives the chemical pump, injecting very precise amounts of chemical, either directly back into the flow or to a remote location.  

Chemilizer injects consistent amounts of chemical regardless of fluctuation in water pressure and flow since the speed of the motor and pump are proportional to the water flow.  

The flexible design of the Chemilizer volumetric chemical injectors makes them ideal for use in many operations.  

Chemilizer injectors are suitable for applications including car wash, metal processing, agriculture, printing, animal health, water treatment, horticulture, pet grooming, fertigation and pest control among others.  

Key features of Chemilizer volumetric chemical injectors:   

  • Pumps are available in silicone and viton, with many dilutions/ injection rates to suit a wide variety of applications
  • Water powered operation with no electricity required
  • Immune to electrical surge or power failure
  • Backed by a 2-year motor warranty
  • Handles a wide range of water flow rates from 0.5 to 13 GPM
  • Corrosion resistant construction with silicone and viton components
  • Resistant to wear and tear with the design preventing chemical contact with critical motor parts
  • Six dilution ratios available on HN55 model
  • CP33 model provides adjustable chemical injection rates

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26/09/2013 - Dosing Systems Australia stock Chemilizer volumetric chemical injectors and a good range of replacement wear parts.

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