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Chemical injectors of 10 bar/145 psi from Dosmatic Australia

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article image Above: MiniDos burst at higher pressures than competitors - and retained its integrity; Below: Competitors to MinDos shattered alarmingly
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Dosmatic  has once again raised the bar in the standard operating pressure of Non-electrical, water driven chemical injectors, to an unprecedented level of 10 bars or 145 psi. 

Dosmatic is pleased to announce that the specification for their full range of MiniDos models with the exception of the 10% model will be raised to this operating pressure following extensive operating tests both at their test facilities and during actual operational conditions in the field.

During the testing process, burst tests were conducted on the Dosmatic range as well as the competitor’s products with impressive results. The Dosmatic products burst at higher pressures than the competitors but importantly, the product retained its integrity as opposed to the competitors, which shattered alarmingly.

The application of engineered polymers along with innovative design and engineering resulting in this increased operating pressure opens up further markets and applications for this technology.

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