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Door Services Australia (DSA) unveils new Manifold System

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A system of Manifold blocks which bolt together to form a professional, leak proof hydraulic system has been introduced by DSA. The new Manifold System incorporates CETOP 3 and CETOP 5 valves in any combination, including comprehensive return line filtration, air breathers and relief valves.
The Manifold System’s building flexibility includes standard circuits as follows:
• Accumulator systems,            
• Load sensing pump systems,
• Multi pump systems,              
• Pump unloading systems,
• Hi-low systems,                     
• Remote oil level & temperature monitoring systems.
The Manifold System accessories include: 
• Manifold mounting brackets,    
• Remote gauge and pressure switch assembly kits,
• Pressure gauge panels,           
• Clogging indicators and pressure transmitters,
• Pressure switch panels,          
• Temperature and oil level gauges and transmitters.
The Manifold System can provide cost savings of up to 80% by: 
• Design layout,                        
• Eliminating most hydraulic fittings and pipework,
• Ease of systems assembly,    
• Ease of systems modification and additions.
By combining DEE-JAY Manifold System with ex-stock range of DEE-JAY Hydraulic Reservoirs, complete power units can be assembled and tested within hours - instead of days.

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