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Grain hoppers from Dooen Engineering Services

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Dooen Engineering Services  designs and fabricates bulk material handling equipment, conveyor systems and equipment for the agriculture industry. Dooen Engineering Services’ main product is the mobile grain hopper, which is an agricultural bulk handler for loading and unloading operations. Dooen Engineering Services also provides project management solutions.

Dooen Engineering Services’ bulk handlers have the capacity to handle 480 tonne per hour and can be dismantled quickly for shifting from one site to another. The other product from Dooen Engineering Services is the Bunker Stacking Tubulator, which has the capacity to handle 500 tonne per hour.

Other products from Dooen Engineering Services include the Drive-Over hopper with a capacity of 480 tonne per hour designed to facilitate easy operations for farmers, the petrol/electric tubulator meant for use indoors as well as outdoors, the bag kicker extension and the tubulator/shifter. The grain skinner attachment for removing skin from peas and lentils for quality control purposes is also available from Dooen Engineering Services.

In addition to these products, Dooen Engineering Services recently launched a range of saws for commercial wood sizing, targeted at New South Wales’ softwood timber industry. The saws are designed for use in pre-preparation of timber packs for manufacture. Dooen Engineering Services is also engaged in the development of storage and grain handling equipment for South Australia’s Port Lincon Grain Company.

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