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Engineering solutions from Dooen Engineering Services

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Dooen Engineering Services  has evolved into a major engineering solutions provider and undertakes heavy orders for on-farm engineering support for the grain industry throughout Australia. Dooen Engineering Services also designs and constructs plans on the basis of quotations.

Dooen Engineering Services possesses the capability to customise solutions for fabrication and processing assignments that are difficult to undertake. Other services provided to customers include solutions that are aimed at enhancing customers’ operational efficiency and effectiveness. Aside from these services, Dooen Engineering Services provides off-the-shelf solutions for several agricultural, fabrication and mining applications.

Dooen Engineering Services recently completed the construction of a completely integrated Lentil processing plant in the town of Dooen, which has the capacity to handle 80,000 tonnes-120,000 tonnes of specialist grains and lentils per year. The plant is equipped with loading, processing, conveyor and bag handling systems designed and fabricated by Dooen Engineering Services. Dooen Engineering Services also provided plant development and infrastructure services to the project.

Currently, Dooen Engineering Services provides plant maintenance services to ABB/Professional Grain. After the successful erection of the lentil plant, Dooen Engineering has shifted its focus on “Smart Engineering,” which involves the incorporating of computer technology in delivering project management solutions.

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