Donaldson Australasia News

Donaldson promotes Tod Carpenter to President and CEO
03.02.2015 - Donaldson Company, Inc. has appointed Tod Carpenter as the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective April 1, 2015.
Donaldson completes acquisition of Northern Technical L.L.C.
02.10.2014 - Donaldson Company Inc. has completed the acquisition of Northern Technical L.L.C., a manufacturer of gas turbine inlet air filtration systems.
Whitepaper: How to reduce bridging in dust collector hoppers
28.09.2014 - Donaldson Australasia presents a new whitepaper on the advantages of minimising bridging in dust collectors.
Donaldson opens new distribution centre in Lima, Peru
24.09.2014 - World-leading manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, Donaldson Company, Inc. has opened their fourth distribution centre in Latin America.
Donaldson to showcase Gen II DPF pulse cleaner at Automechanika 2014
15.09.2014 - Donaldson Company will showcase the Gen II DPF pulse cleaner at the upcoming 2014 Automechanika Show this month.
Donaldson Company announces new Vice President, General Counsel
26.05.2014 - Donaldson Company, Inc. announced that Norm Linnell, Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, will be retiring on August 1st.
Donaldson announces officer changes and Board of Director appointment
19.02.2014 - World-leading filtration systems specialist Donaldson Company, Inc. has announced a number of officer changes effective April 1st.
Donaldson develops complete filter coverage for Cummins ISX engines
05.12.2013 - Donaldson Australasia announces the availability of complete filter coverage for Cummins ISX engines.
Company Focus: Baghouse and mist collectors from Donaldson Australasia ensure a safe and clean working environment
01.02.2013 - We turn our focus here to Donaldson's range of baghouse dust collectors and mist collectors, while discussing the unique media technology utilised in both.
Company Focus: Optimise space and airflow management with Donaldson Australasia's dust and fume collectors
31.01.2013 - Donaldson has been supplying dust, mist and fume collectors for over 90 years. Here, we showcase the company's PowerCore dust collectors and cartridge collection systems.
The Ultrapac 2000 from Donaldson Australasia
13.05.2011 - Donaldson Australasia recommends the Ultrapac 2000 adsorption dryer for clean dry compressed air delivery
Donaldson Australasia announce its second generation of PowerCore Air Filters to Australia.
11.05.2011 - PowerCore Air Filters from Donaldson Australasia feature advanced UltraWeb nanofiber filter technology
Filter Packs from Donaldson Australasia Replace Bags in Dust Control Units
28.04.2011 - Donaldson Australasia introduces a revolutionary range of filter packs designed to replace conventional baghouse technology for dust collection in a variety of industries.
Donaldson Strengthens Technical Capabilities within the Region
27.04.2011 - Donaldson Australasia recently hosted a visit from Stefan Loebbert, Director of Industrial Air Filtration (IAF) and Compressed Air & Process (CAP) for Donaldson Asia Pacific.
Donaldson Australasia Installs Dust Extraction System for Woodwork Dust Containment
24.11.2010 - Donaldson Australasia recently installed a dust extraction system based on their latest patented Unimaster technology for dust containment at a TAFE project.
Fume Collection System from Donaldson Australasia Contains Galvanising Weld Fumes on Mesh Machine
03.11.2010 - A fume collection system installed by Donaldson Australasia at OneSteel Reinforcing has enabled fumes containment on a process line at their Sydney plant.
Dust Extraction Solutions for TAFEs and Technical Trainers from Donaldson Australasia
27.10.2010 - Workplace environmental control specialist Donaldson Australasia has become a solutions provider to the education sector training the workforce of the future with its technologies.
Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration Solutions from Donaldson Australasia Prevent Contamination
22.10.2010 - Donaldson Australasia offers cost-effective and efficient solutions in its bulk diesel fuel filtration range to prevent contamination in fuel sources.
Air Cleaners from Donaldson Australasia for Vehicles in Dusty Environments
11.10.2010 - Air cleaner assemblies designed for heavy equipment that operate in harsh, dusty environments are now available from Donaldson Australasia.
Compressed Air Technologies for Industry from Donaldson Australasia
03.08.2010 - Air filtration specialist Donaldson Australasia has ramped up its compressed air capabilities, drawing on new technologies and proven solutions from its parent company in the USA.
Tablet Maker Keeps Dust Out of the Manufacturing Environment
23.07.2010 - An Australia-based contract manufacturer of generic prescription pharmaceuticals contracted Donaldson Australasia to upgrade their waste disposal system.
Donaldson fuel filter assembly selected for Sky Warrior aircraft
14.01.2010 - Western Filter, a division of Donaldson Filtration Solutions, has been selected to manufacture and supply the fuel filter assembly for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, including Sky Warrior unmanned aircraft.
Donaldson Australasia engineer paper waste disposal system for Good Impressions
08.05.2009 - Donaldson Australasia have engineered a waste handling loop solution for Good Impressions. Visy Recycling are involved in the loop as the end recipient of compacted raw material for their paper/cardbo
Donaldson Australasia open warehouse facility in Sydney
23.03.2009 - Donaldson Australasia’s industrial group has opened a new office and warehouse facility in Sydney to combine its operations for a working arrangement and better response times to its client base.
Donaldson Australasia design paper waste collection and handling system for commercial printing company
06.03.2009 - The Quality Group have moved from inner city Rhodes to the new industrial hub of Huntingwood in Sydney’s West and contracted Donaldson Australasia to design and engineer a paper waste collection and handling system for their 24/7 operation.
PowerCore dust collectors available from Donaldson Australasia
06.02.2009 - Donaldson Australasia have adapted the PowerCore technology for specific use in dust collectors for industry. This means the Donaldson PowerCore Dust Collector is about 60% smaller than similar dust c
Dryflo mist collectors available from Donaldson Australasia
05.02.2009 - Donaldson Australasia’s Dryflo is a range of filtration media cartridges specifically engineered to collect mist generated by coolants and machining oils that pollute the atmosphere and condense on surfaces, such as floors and machinery to create a h
Donaldson Australasia launch DVD info kit for dust control
29.01.2009 - Donaldson Australasia, with expanding influence across the industry spectrum, have made available a profile DVD that is available on request. Featuring experienced engineers, employed by Donaldson Australasia, the DVD outlines Donaldson Australasia’s
Retro kit from Donaldson Australasia improves air filtration in four wheel drives
22.10.2008 - Four-wheel-drives (4WDs) are used extensively as transport vehicles industry environments such as mines, quarries, construction sites and in agriculture. Donaldson Australasia have introduced a retrofit kit to improve air intake quality on the most p
Torit-Built line of filter cartridges, bags and panel filters from Donaldson Australasia
07.08.2008 - Donaldson Australasia offers the Torit-Built line of filter cartridges, bags, envelopes and panel filters designed for high level performance. A Torit DCE dust collection system is only as good as its filters.
GDS static air filtration systems from Donaldson Australasia
06.08.2008 - The range of GDS static (not self-cleaning) air filtration systems, available from Donaldson Australasia, is suitable for protecting inlet air on turbines and generators in urban, industrial, offshore, marine and coastal environments.
Filtration and separation products for compressed air systems from Donaldson Australasia
05.08.2008 - Donaldson Australasia, a provider of industrial carbon neutral products, has made available a complete system of filtration and separation products for compressed air systems.
Donaldson Australasia offers dust collection technology for industries
14.05.2008 - With fines growing by the day for workplace OH&S breaches as well as environmental pollution, dust filtration specialist Donaldson Australasia has various technologies to maintain standards in these areas and industry and avoid breaches of regulation
Donaldson to exhibit smoke, dust, mist and fume solutions at NMW 2008
28.02.2008 - Donaldson will exhibit its compact, portable fume collectors on Stand 5021 at National Manufacturing Week at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 27 to 30.
Heavy duty high pressure filters available from Donaldson Australasia
20.02.2008 - Heavy-duty high-pressure filters, available from Donaldson Australasia, sit behind pumps and other prime movers to protect critical hydraulic components such as cylinders, motors and valves.
Filtration and separation products for compressed air systems from Donaldson Australasia
19.02.2008 - Donaldson Australasia now delivers a complete system of filtration and separation products for compressed air systems.
Bundall Powder Coating and Sandblasting uses Donaldson’s dust handling system
31.10.2007 - A powder coating facility on the Gold Coast has completely upgraded its dust handling system to optimise occupational health and safety standards for employees, plus gain a system that is largely self-cleaning.
New ultra-web spunbond cartridges from Donaldson Australasia
31.10.2007 - Ultra-web SB (spunbond) combines the ultra-web nanofiber efficiency with spunbond toughness to provide a more robust solution for agglomerative dusts.
Donaldson’s tips on servicing air filter changeouts on vehicles
03.09.2007 - Engine damage to vehicles is possible in so many ways. One of the least obvious but potentially most damaging is the incorrect fitting of air cleaners.
Weld fume collectors with filter cartridges available from Donaldson
16.08.2007 - The application of Donaldson Trunkline weld fume collectors combined with the company’s patented Ultra-Web filter cartridges collects the harmful airborne contaminates and contains the dangerous particulate within.
Donaldson Australasia supplies ducting and fume extraction systems
10.08.2007 - Pneuvay Engineering has recently fitted a high-capacity welding fume extraction plant to the Toyota ‘Unit Parts’ manufacturing plant at Altona, Victoria. The extraction system was developed in collaboration with Donaldson Australasia.
Donaldson Australasia on how to get cleaner workplace air
09.08.2007 - Government regulations, employee health and safety, productivity - these are vital considerations when deciding what type of dust collection technology will help you get cleaner, in-plant air.
New range of FKB Air Cleaners available from Donaldson Australasia
18.07.2007 - FKB two stage Air Cleaners are ideal for small- to medium-duty diesel engine trucks and other off-road equipment operating in medium-dust environments in the agriculture, construction, mining and industrial sectors.
Specific filtration solutions from Donaldson Australasia
14.05.2007 - Industrial filtration solutions specialist Donaldson Australasia is now positioned in Australia and New Zealand to engineer specific filtration solutions across all industries using its patented Ultra-Web technology.
Donaldson air cleaners available with vacuator valves
02.05.2007 - Damaged vacuator valves should be replaced immediately. Correctly fitted and properly maintained vacuator valves can extend the life of air filters that protect your engine.
TTD filter cartridges available from Donaldson
17.04.2007 - Donaldson TTD huff n puff system is designed to help turbines and generators operate anywhere in dusty deserts, urban/factory areas, on the coast, or even in frosty conditions.
Donaldson displays filtration solutions at NMW 2007
17.04.2007 - Donaldson Australasia will display its Porta-Trunk and Ultra-Web filters, as well as provide a one-stop shop for everything related to filtration on stand Stand 5119 during National Manufacturing Week 2007 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Extraction arms available from Donaldson
03.04.2007 - Donaldson Australasia has re-released to the industrial market an effective source capture of weld fume, dust, or smoke to maintain worker safety.
New range of filters for fume collection from Donaldson
02.04.2007 - Donaldson Australasia has re-released two workplace safety technologies for fume collection to effectively extract welding fume, smoke, and grinding dust from workers’ breathing zone.
Donaldson Dryflo range of mist collectors available
23.03.2007 - Donaldson Australasia’s Dryflo is a range of cartridge-style mist collectors specifically engineered to collect mist generated by coolants and machining oils that pollute the atmosphere and condense on surfaces such as floors and machinery to create
Wide range of dust filtration solutions from Donaldson
12.03.2007 - Donaldson Australasia has positioned itself to not just provide dust filtration solutions but to also manage the whole project from design through to installation when required.
Donaldson Torit dust collectors uses Ultra-Web technology
08.03.2007 - Ultra-Web nanofibre cartridge filters are now standard in all Donaldson Torit dust collectors and are also available as replacement for any cartridge collector used in industries.
Stepped SealClamp introduced by Donaldson
23.02.2007 - Donaldson’s Stepped SealClamp exhaust clamp, pre-assembled and supplied with few parts requires less torque than other commercially available exhaust clamps and can be fitted with one-wrench installation.
Stepped SealClamp exhaust clamp from Donaldson Australasia
21.12.2006 - Pre-assembled and supplied with fewer parts, Donaldson’s Stepped SealClamp exhaust clamp requires less torque than other commercially available exhaust clamps and are arguably the only one in the market that can be fitted with one-wrench installation
Diesel Fuel Manager from Donaldson Australasia
21.12.2006 - Donaldson Australasia’s Diesel Fuel Manager maximises the life and performance of medium- to heavy-duty diesel engines by removing water and other contaminant particles without impeding the flow of diesel to the engine.
Donaldson Australasia develops DCS Pharmaceutical dust containment system
14.12.2006 - Dust control specialist Donaldson Australasia has developed a complete dust containment system to specifically maintain OH&S standards for employees in the pharmaceutical and tablet making industry.
Donaldson Australasia releases workstation dust collectors
16.11.2006 - Donaldson Australasia has released the Downflo oval range of workstation dust collectors (DWS) for any industrial application, where a flexible, modular self-contained dust collection system is required.
Dalamatic dust collectors
10.11.2006 - Dalamatic series of dust collectors from Donaldson Australasia provides a solution for dust filtration applications in industries ranging from agriculture, food processing, and transport through materials handling, ports, quarries and cement works, w
Modular baghouse dust collectors
25.10.2006 - Donaldson Australasia has released its Modular Baghouse (MB) dust collectors for widespread applications in woodworking, building and construction, furniture manufacturing, food processing, grain handling, and wherever dusts and fines pose a potentia
Long life air and oil filters for trucks
18.08.2006 - For the truck and transport industry, Donaldson Australasia has released a series of durable, high performance oil and air filters that greatly extend the time intervals between change outs while increasing engine life and overall performance.
Advanced oil and air filters
24.07.2006 - DONALDSON Australasia has introduced the Donaldson Endurance line of oil and air filters, incorporating advanced synthetic media technology for longer filter life and greater engine protection.
Oil filters for EGR engines
14.07.2006 - Many heavy-duty, on-road truck owners face increased maintenance costs because emission compliant diesel engines tend to rapidly deplete vital additives in engine oil. Donaldson Endurance Plus, with its unique, built-in additive replenishment technol
Filters to increase engine life and reduce operating costs
13.07.2006 - Donaldson Australasia has recently introduced the Donaldson Endurance line of oil and air filters for on- and off-road applications, which incorporates advanced synthetic media technology for longer filter life and greater engine protection.
Cost-effective industrial marketing system
10.07.2006 - DONALDSON Australasia has implemented a new system that allows its distributors in Australia, New Zealand and Asia to customise printing of marketing brochures from a master template. This special servicing of clients is done cost-effectively through
A technological first for industrial marketing
27.06.2006 - INDUSTRIAL filtration specialist Donaldson Australasia has implemented a new system, which for the first time in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, allows each of its many distributors across the country to completely customise printing of marketing br
Air cleaners collect more of the dusty outback
17.06.2006 - Donaldson has introduced a range of air cleaners suitable for off-road equipment working in medium-dust conditions.
PSD off-road air cleaners
01.06.2006 - DONALDSON has introduced a range of aftermarket PSD air cleaners with patented PowerCore filtration technology suitable for a broad range of off-road equipment operating in medium-dust conditions - including equipment such as excavators, screeners, 4
Downdraft benches
25.05.2006 - TO expand the level of occupational health and safety during grinding, drilling, sanding, polishing, finishing, or any other general engineering and manufacturing applications, Donaldson Australasia's Downdraft Bench is a self-contained dust collecto
Self-cleaning air intake system
18.05.2006 - DONALDSON Australasia has broadened its family of TopSpin self-cleaning air intake system pre-cleaners to 13 models. TopSpin has the ability to extend air filter life and boost overall system efficiency and performance by automatically separating and
Three companies create loop to recycle industrial paper
25.01.2006 - DONALDSON Australasia has provided the vital waste handling system and engineering to facilitate a win/win recycling loop between one of Australia's largest dedicated sheet-fed print communications businesses, Penfold Buscombe and Visy Recycling.
Truck air filter passes ‘red centre’ test
13.01.2006 - The operating capacity of the transport industry's newest air filtration technology has been proven in the most demanding environment by G&S Transport in Alice Springs.
Safe training sees shopfitters educated on industry expectations
25.10.2005 - The increasingly forged links in occupational health and safety between manufacturing training and the education sector are clearly demonstrated at North Sydney TAFE College.
Delivery filtration process safeguards CAT machines
13.10.2005 - DONALDSON Australasia Pty Ltd has provided the filtration technology for Caterpillar (CAT) machines in an alliance that signals a new era in quality for hydraulic, transmission and engine oils in Australia. In association with William Adams Pty Ltd,
Refrigerated air dryer saves power and cost
17.06.2005 - THE Ultratroc range of refrigerated air dryers is expected to consume far less energy than traditional dryers, only about one-third of energy compared with that used by conventional hot gas regulation, even when operating at 100% capacity.
Dust control cartridges for agriculture
07.03.2005 - DONALDSON Torit-DCE has released the Siloair VS silo venting technology. It allows silo venting of virtually all types of powders and granules in the agricultural industry.
Prime mover engine brakes silenced
02.02.2005 - DONALDSON Australasia has released a new muffler system that allows trucks to use engine brakes in virtual silence compared to what is achievable with standard equipment. Donaldson Silent Partner uses a patented system of resonators and acoustic cham
Fume and dust collectors for SMEs
10.08.2004 - MANY businesses in the small to medium size category that normally consider their operations to be too small to warrant installation of a dust and smoke control system can be facilitated by cabinet units from Donaldson Torit-DCE.
Clean air in any industrial situation
25.05.2004 - THE performance secret behind the new Downflo Oval 1 Series of cartridge dust filtration systems from Donaldson-Torit DCE is its comprehensive range of filter media that suit almost any situation where dust causes problems.
Dust collectors
04.05.2004 - THE Downlfo Oval 1 series of dust collectors uses oval shaped cartridges to allow large amounts of air flow through the collector without requiring increased size or damaging the filters. They are available from Donaldson-Torit DCE.
Dust collector with 7.5kW fan
07.04.2004 - CEREBOS has released the Dalamatic DU453/K11 dust collector, a reverse pulse jet cleaning system with a 7.5kW fan. It can achieve an extraction rate of 3500 cubic metres an hour.
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