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Wide range of dust filtration solutions from Donaldson

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Donaldson Australasia has positioned itself to not just provide dust filtration solutions but to also manage the whole project from design through to installation when required.

From industries including quarrying and mining, metals, plastics and glass manufacture; woodworking, through to grain handling, pharmaceutical and food processing, Donaldson has filtration technologies that solve dust problems.

Designed to control and capture industrial dust, fume and mist, Donaldson draws on what is now recognised as a world’s large and good line of filtration media which encompasses the Torit DCE brand.

Technology includes tubular baghouses, envelope bag collectors and cartridge collectors, and a range of dust, fume and mist collectors is complemented with a comprehensive service programme for on-site maintenance and spare parts.

Leading brand names such as Dalamatic, Unimaster, Siloair, Downflo Oval, and Trunk-Line use Donaldson Torit DCE technologies to trap fine and fibrous dusts, fumes, and oil and coolant mists.

With fixed and mobile options, Trunkline’s range of fume collectors capture weld fume before it enters the operator’s breathing zone with fume arms, downdraft work and weld benches, and environmental control booths.

With machine mountable and central collection units available, Dryflo Collectors are engineered specifically for mist collection; a good line of collectors in their class.

With gravity-aided technology ensuring that collected liquid does not re-enter the clean air stream, Donaldson Torit Dryflo solves wet machining operation where oil and coolant mist is a problem.

Donaldson Torit DCE industrial filtration systems increase plant productivity, reduce maintenance costs, meet government regulations, reduce fire and other hazards, and protect employee health.

While Donaldson cartridges and bags have been engineered to outperform and outlast generic replacements, professional factory trained service engineers are available for any on-site needs, ensuring Donaldson collectors perform to their maximum standards.

As part of the turnkey positioning, should the need arise Donaldson’s aftermarket sales and service will maintain the integrity of any Donaldson investment.

Donaldson: - Air/Lube and Fuel filtration for heavy-duty equipment

Hydraulic filtration products for mobile and stationary equipment

Compressor air intake filtration and air/oil separation

Donaldson Torit DCE: Dust, fume and mist collection

Donaldson Ultrafilter: Compressed air purification and drying.

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