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Weld fume collectors with filter cartridges available from Donaldson

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Protecting workers from weld fume particulate is of critical OH&S importance as by product particulates of this substance (such as the suspected carcinogen nickel carbonyl, and zinc) are major agents of severe dermatitis and metal fume fever respectively.

Weld fumes contain 30%-80% submicron size particles that easily enter the lungs. Collecting these respirable particles before they reach workers’ breathing zones is of critical importance.

The application of Donaldson Trunkline weld fume collectors combined with the company’s patented Ultra-Web filter cartridges collects the harmful airborne contaminates and contains the dangerous particulate within.

Trunkline and Ultra-Web system success is based on two simple principles: collect the weld fumes at their source, and trap the particulate in the filtration media to ensure only clean air is returned to the working environment.

The collection of fumes at their source is ensured by mobile units, articulated collection arms, and collection hoods, with operating controls on the hood, and an optional halogen light inside the hood illuminating the work area allowing close proximity to the source as possible.

Containment of submicron-sized particulate is high with Ultra-Web’s 99.999+% collection efficiency. Ultra-Web’s efficiency is supported in combination with Donaldson’s proprietary EON fine fibre technology, and the company’s exclusive substrate media technology; all in one filter cartridge engineered specifically for welding applications.

Because the space between the EON microfibre mesh surface layer is up to 100 times smaller than that of any other surface loading media, the small respirable particles between 0.5 and 8 microns (Once micron equalling 1/25,400 of an inch) are trapped on the EON surface layer.

The EON surface layer builds a dust cake faster which achieves higher collection efficiency, while the application-specific substrate layer provides strength, and durability to the overall design of the cartridge delivering consistently high fume filtration efficiency, long filter life, and minimal pressure drop.

Each of the different Trunkline models have attributes to reflect the specificity of varietal situations and applications: Articulated collection arms extending up to 4.25m, positive friction joints for ease and accuracy of movement, roof or bench mounting, exhaust fan options, profile hood as low as 508mm with on-board control panels and halogen lamp options inside the hood, MIG compatibility for use with extraction guns and mobility with the smaller units.

The core functional safety of the Donaldson Trunkline models are enhanced with special features such as Trunkline’s external filter access allowing easy and safe cartridge change-out, the safe convenience of disposable dust drawers and protective cartridge bag attachments, and Ultra-Web flame retardant cartridges as standard on all Trunkline Collectors.

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