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Truck air filter passes ‘red centre’ test

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The operating capacity of the transport industry's newest air filtration technology has been proven in the most demanding environment by G&S Transport in Alice Springs.

Donaldson Endurance long life filters, distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand, have replaced all existing air filters in the truck and road train fleets of G&S Transport for its work servicing remote mines and quarries in central Australia.

By carrying out a longstanding routine of replacing its truck air filters every 1000 working hours provided the company with strong evidence Donaldson Endurance - with it Ultra-Web nanofibre technology - was in far better shape after that time span than the technology previously used.

"Our fleet is always in very dusty environments, so with the old technology we frequently had to air blow the filter media because so much dust was caked onto it and it was restricting their performance,” said G&S operations manager Frank Bilato.

"But Endurance has a clever chamber at the bottom which collects dust and it is a simple matter of emptying this out.

"So it is clear to us that because the filter media on Endurance is always in far better operating condition, our engines are receiving cleaner air constantly and damage is far less likely.

"Apart from travelling long distances on roads that are mostly dirt or even lesser unsealed surfaces, our trucks are also frequently underneath mine escalators, radial stackers, at conveyor drop points and in generally dusty resource industry environments.

"We are often carrying cement, limestone, bricks and other heavy materials so the exposure to dust is near-constant.

"It was Reliance Workshops (the distributor for Donaldson in the Alice Springs region) that first introduced us to Endurance and since then we have no intention of going back to older technology."

Donaldson Endurance air filters incorporate Donaldson's Ultra-Web nanofibre technology which causes submicron contaminants to load on the surface rather than dispersing throughout the depth of the filter where there is less area for the air to flow. This results in less restriction than conventional filters that have cellulose media. The smaller inter-fibre spaces of Ultra-Web nanofibre technology simply capture more contaminants.

In laboratory and field tests, Donaldson Endurance air filters were proven to provide better engine protection by allowing less contaminant to pass through than cellulose air filters. Donaldson Endurance air filters hold up to five times more dirt than cellulose air filters, making them ideal for extended maintenance intervals for long-distance on- and off-highway trucks.

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