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Tablet Maker Keeps Dust Out of the Manufacturing Environment

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An Australia-based contract manufacturer of generic prescription pharmaceuticals is one among a growing list of examples, which contracted Donaldson Australasia to upgrade their waste disposal system.  

With more than 500 people in a round-the-clock operation five days a week, the plant was revamped with new generation technology to handle dusty waste from tableting and capsulation.  

Within six processing rooms where compression or blending took place, the company had relied on what was at the time optimum technology.  

It had been running a standalone Torit-DCE self contained dust extraction unit in each room, but now a single, integrated system handles all extraction and provides an added benefit by safely collecting and storing all waste in an externally located unit.  

The tablet manufacturer’s commitment to operating a clinical operation drives the integrity of its sterile product.  

Its OH&S operation is geared to using the latest technology, so Donaldson engineers replaced an existing Torit-DCE dust extraction system with new generation Donaldson equipment.  

The greatest challenge was to modify the new standard Donaldson collector to fit an existing externally located waste compressor.  

Engineers from Donaldson did this so that it integrated perfectly and created a scenario where internal operations were virtually free of any major dust build-up.  

Consequently, the employees have far more space in which to work, an even better environment and no further need to manually transport powder to the waste compressor.  

The system installed by Donaldson Australasia is a Dalamatic DU30 dust extraction and containment system capable of extracting 24,000m³ per hour simultaneously from the six tableting and blending rooms.  

More than 50 metres of durable ducting was used to connect the extraction between these rooms and through to the external collection point.  

The system consists of a dust extractor and enclosure internally around employees with the only visible element being a portable manifold that plugs into a hole in the wall.  

The externally located collection unit is seen as a space-saver and is designed to endure all weather conditions.  

Eventual disposal of powder is also simplified. Whereas the previous system relied on relatively frequent disposal of powder collected in cardboard boxes, it is now pneumatically carried to the externally located waste compressor and easily transported by forklift to an incinerator where an operator deposits the unwanted material simply and evenly.

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