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Specific filtration solutions from Donaldson Australasia

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article image Ultra-Web filter media technology

Industrial filtration solutions specialist Donaldson Australasia is now positioned in Australia and New Zealand to engineer specific filtration solutions across all industries using its patented Ultra-Web technology.

Ultra-Web nanofibre technology captures sub-micron particles and is expected to have a lifespan, providing good value and long-term savings.

This Ultra-Web filter media technology can be incorporated into any of Donaldson Australasia’s large range of cartridge-style dust, fume and mist collectors.

Not only is Donaldson Australasia positioned to quickly and accurately design and install a system engineered to meet specific requirements, it also combines it with a comprehensive service programme complete with spares and filters to ensure smooth and continuous operation of the tailored installation.

Ultra-Web nanofibres are scientifically proven to have an advantage in efficiency and pressure drop. These nanofibres are made by an electro-spinning process that produces a fine, continuous fibre of 0.2 to 0.3 micron in diameter to form a permanent Web-like net with fine interfibre spaces.

The nanofibres are considered to be one of the smallest synthetic fibres used in filtration today. This nanofibre Web captures submicron and dust particles and reaps dust on the surface and promotes self-cleaning.

Ultra-Web nanofibre media is loaded with ISO fine dust. Dust particles collect on the surface of the media and clean off easily while the substrate stays clean. A depth-loading filter would allow dust particles to penetrate deeply into the substrate where they build up and restrict airflow.

Ultra-Web nanofibre technology provides good surface loading ability and superior dust release capabilities due to its nano-fine interfibre spaces.

The smaller the dust particles, lower the emissions. A filter must be rated at least a MERV 13 on the ASHRAE 20-point scale to effectively filter submicron dust particles. An Ultra-Web filter is the only standard cartridge filter media rated to capture submicron dust particles.

Ultra-Web filters are now standard on all Donaldson Cartridge Collectors and are available as retrofits for all brands of cartridge collectors.

Donaldson Australasia comprises the following divisions as part of its Industrial Filtration Solutions Group:

  • Donaldson: - Air/Lube and fuel filtration for heavy-duty mobile equipment

       - Hydraulic filtration products for mobile and stationary equipment

       - Compressor air intake filtration and air/oil separation

  • Torit DCE: Dust, fume and mist collection
  • Ultrafilter: Compressed air purification and drying

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