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Self-cleaning air intake system

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article image TopSpin maximises air filter life.

DONALDSON Australasia has broadened its family of TopSpin self-cleaning air intake system pre-cleaners to now include 13 models.

TopSpin has the ability to extend air filter life and boost overall system efficiency and performance by automatically separating and discarding contaminants and debris prior to primary air filter intake.

The product works well on all types of equipment - from crawlers and farm tractors to skid steer loaders.

First introduced in December 2001, in just two sizes, the TopSpin line of pre-cleaners is now available in 13 models, with outlets ranging from 2" to 7" and air flow ranges from 100cfm to 1600cfm.

The retrofittable pre-cleaner works by separating more than 99% of debris and contaminant that is 20 microns and larger, and up to 85% of coarse dust contaminant, then discards it before it reaches the primary air filter.

It greatly extends air filter life, reduces air filter usage, lowers cost per operating hour and automatically ejects mixed debris.

The product works automatically and has a translucent housing to enable effectiveness of separation to be viewed. It is self cleaning and requires no maintenance to clean the bowl and does not require an exhaust ejector.

Manufactured from a lightweight, durable, non-corroding material, TopSpin is tolerant to all types of operating environments and weather conditions including moisture, rain, and heavy dust environments.

With its efficiency in handling incoming contaminants, TopSpin extends filter life, reduces air filter usage, and lowers hourly operating costs. By operating on lower rpm, the product lowers operation noise, has a long bearing life and lowers restriction.

Quick installation requires no wires or power, just one clamp to tighten it on. Despite being physically light in weight, TopSpin has a robust design and extends bearing life.

For any operator already using one of Donaldson's original full-view pre-cleaners, switching to a TopSpin pre-cleaner can eliminate the routine task of emptying the bowl.

TopSpin underwent a thorough design process. Donaldson engineers used sophisticated flow analysis tools (Fluid CFD) to predict and simulate real-life flow conditions.

The tool was used to predict flow direction, velocity ranges, recirculation zone identification and particle tracking and general efficiency.

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