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Refrigerated air dryer saves power and cost

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article image Ultratroc – energy efficient.

THE Ultratroc range of refrigerated air dryers is expected to consume far less energy than traditional dryers, only about one-third of energy compared with that used by conventional hot gas regulation, even when operating at 100% capacity.

Marketed and sold nationally by Donaldson Australasia's Ultrafilter division, Ultratroc dryers are also supplied with the company's dedicated Ultrapulse microprocessor.

Ultrapulse registers the actual, real-time conditions under which the dryer is operating to ensure the cooling system precisely cools only to the extent needed.

Unlike traditional compressed air refrigerated dryers with thermal storage mass, the cooling circuit on Ultratroc is switched on/off as a microprocessor-controlled reaction.

With Ultrapulse, the user can choose the compressed dew point individually (3°C or 7°C) or can set it to 'Automatic' so that the regulator, depending on environmental conditions, selects the optimal compressed air dew point.

As an example of the expected energy savings, a smaller industrial plant which requires about 8.5m3 per/min of compressed air means that a fridge dryer with hot gas by-pass regulation requires, every day, about 26kWh of electrical energy.

An Ultratroc energy saving dryer with Ultrapulse needs only 9kWh and therefore only about one-third of the energy compared with a conventional hot gas regulated dryer. This innovation means important cost saving and eco-friendly advantages.

Other advantages include an increased overload capacity and a multi-functional display that shows key indicators such as actual pressure dew point, power consumption related to the total operating time, actual energy consumption and maintenance needed.

The Ultratroc refrigerated air dryer is also designed as a compact unit and doesn't need any special foundations for erection.

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