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PowerCore dust collectors available from Donaldson Australasia

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article image Dust collector with PowerCore Filter Pacs

Donaldson Australasia  have adapted the PowerCore technology for specific use in dust collectors for industry. This means the Donaldson PowerCore Dust Collector is about 60% smaller than similar dust collectors in this market bracket, so it can be implemented in tighter areas and smaller factories.

The innovative solution behind this technology is the PowerCore Filter Pacs, which combine patented Ultra-Web nanofiber technology with new media packaging expertise.

PowerCore Filter Pacs have an obround shape, synchronising with the Ultra-Web media, to trap more dust on the surface of the media flutes, right down to sub-micron levels.

Filter media is formed into flutes; these flutes are layered to give a tight rugged structure to the filter. Dirty air enters the media flutes. Fluted channels are alternately sealed to allow air to enter through an open flute and forcing it to exit out an adjacent flute.

Surface loading promotes filter cleaning and pulse cleaning lowers pressure drop and energy use.

The PowerCore Filter Pacs with Ultra-Web are engineered to perfection, balancing high efficiencies with long filter life.

International testing has shown that PowerCore Filter Pacs provides 60% less emission than other products in the same market space. Energy costs are also lowered: pressure drop starts high and rises quickly with traditional depth-loading filter bags, resulting in excessive energy use. The surface loading technology of Ultra-Web provides lower operating pressure drop over a longer period of time and energy costs can be dramatically lower.

An application requiring 81 standard filter bags in the past, now needs only 12 PowerCore Filter Pacs. Fewer filters mean lower filter change-out costs and faster change-outs. The smaller footprint can also save costly factory floor and bin spaces.

PowerCore Filter Pacs are accessed from the clean side of the collector, making it easy, fast and clean to handle. There are no confined spaces and no tools are required.

The PowerCore collectors include new Compact Oblique Pulse Cleaning system, a patented computer model pulse cleaning technology designed to match the obround shape of the PowerCore Filter Pac.

The resulting pulse flow effectively covers the entire media Pac and easily pulses dust out of the polluted channels to improve filtration efficiency, keeping the pressure drop low and prolonging filter life.

Using a directed flow inlet, these dust collectors manage airflow and velocities below the filters. The optimised air management technique effectively keeps the bottom of the filter paces clean, causes most dust particles to drop out, and prevents filter abrasion. No hopper sweeping is required, and no dust re-entrainment is necessary..

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