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Oil filters for EGR engines

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FEDERAL Government exhaust emission standards (ADR80-01) are due to apply to all new model diesel-powered vehicles above 4.5-tonne GVM, from 1 January 2007. Many heavy-duty, on-road truck owners face increased maintenance costs because emission compliant diesel engines tend to rapidly deplete vital additives in engine oil.

Donaldson Endurance Plus , with its unique, built-in additive replenishment technology, is designed to extend oil and oil filter life significantly longer than conventional cellulose oil filters.

As oil enters a replenishment container at the top of the Donaldson Endurance Plus filter, it reintroduces a concentrated blend of additives to the oil.

The oil then passes through Donaldson's unique Syntec filter media, which captures engine damaging contaminants. The process sends clean, replenished oil back to the engine, helping ensure the vehicle's continued peak performance.

Arthur Falconer, Manager of Engine Group Donaldson Australasia believes that many long haul operators will be able to significantly increase the OEM recommended oil change intervals with Donaldson Endurance Plus. He says his company’s new product has the potential to drastically reduce fleet maintenance costs by eliminating every other oil and filter change.

Truck owners can install Donaldson’s new filters in place of existing filters with no special hardware or added maintenance procedures. To determine the new oil change intervals, Donaldson recommends implementing an oil analysis program.

As a direct replacement for existing, standard spin-on filters, Donaldson Endurance Plus is available for popular on-road truck engines.

The filters provide comprehensive engine protection and the longest filter life available in the industry, according to the company.

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