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New range of FKB Air Cleaners available from Donaldson Australasia

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FKB two stage Air Cleaners are ideal for small- to medium-duty diesel engine trucks and other off-road equipment operating in medium-dust environments in the agriculture, construction, mining and industrial sectors.

Distributed by Donaldson Australasia, the FKB range effectively reduces airborne contaminant particles entering the engine; extending engine life by providing a high level of protection in harsh dusty environments.

FKB models suit engines with airflow ranges of 70 to 360 cfm (2 to 10.3 m3/min), and have a sustained temperature tolerance of -40°C to 82°C. It is installed horizontally using mounting brackets built into the air cleaner body.

When compared to alternative brands with similar airflow, FKB is significantly smaller in diameter, while maintenance and filter changing is easy.

In addition to the primary filter, additional FKB design refinements provide extra layers of protection such as a safety filter and filter service indicator port with FKB’s accessible cover latch position.

While FKB performs good in off-road contexts, it is a durable line of defence in engine protection for all small to medium duty diesel trucks.

Donaldson Australasia provides total filtration solutions for the heavy-duty mobile equipment market and for a wide range of industrial applications. Donaldson’s family of filtration products includes:

  • Replacement air and liquid engine filters, pre-cleaners and air cleaner housings
  • Dust, fume and mist collection equipment including aftermarket sales and service
  • Compressed air purification products including aftermarket sales and service
  • Industrial hydraulic filtration for mobile and stationary equipment
  • Air inlet filtration systems for Gas Turbines
  • Donaldson PTFE Membranes for industrial filtration applications and the manufacture of performance fabrics.

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