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GDS static air filtration systems from Donaldson Australasia

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The range of GDS static (not self-cleaning) air filtration systems, available from Donaldson Australasia , is suitable for protecting inlet air on turbines and generators in urban, industrial, offshore, marine, and coastal environments.

GDS for large turbines (over 2237m3 airflow)

The Donaldson GDS filtration systems clean the inlet air for gas turbines and generators in both onshore and offshore applications around the world.

Pairs of cartridge filters, mounted horizontally in the filter house, provide maximum filtration efficiency for large turbines with operating airflow of 2237 to 33557 m3/min.

Design supports many inlet enhancements such as moisture separators, acoustic hoods, evaporative cooler or chiller coils, and anti-icing systems.

Dual Inlet GDS for up to 2237m3 airflow

The GDS filter system has air inlets on two sides, covered by weather hoods with moisture eliminator panels that eliminate 99.5% of droplets larger than 60mm from the incoming air stream. Insect screens are optional.

Banks of filter cartridge pairs provide high-efficiency barrier filtration against dust, pollen, dirt and other airborne particulate. Designed for gas turbines and generators with operating airflow of 255 to 2237 m3/min.

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