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Fume and dust collectors for SMEs

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MANY businesses in the small to medium size category that normally consider their operations to be too small to warrant installation of a dust and smoke control system can be facilitated by cabinet units from Donaldson Torit-DCE .

Model Series 50, 60, 70 and 80 cabinet dust collectors are small enough to warrant use within an SME plant and operate very economically, hence maintaining cost control while heightening the occupational health and safety standard for employees.

Models within this efficient, compact series of units covers a wide range of dust and smoke control applications and can be configured to operate with either a 'pail pack' or 'dust drawer' as a mode of collection.

Collection efficiency is rated at 99.9%+ by weight and can be achieved consistently. With this level of efficiency, the cleaned air can be returned directly into the working environment.

Business group manager of Donaldson Torit-DCE, Bill Halbert, said many businesses thought they were too small to adopt this type of OH&S upgrade to their operations, therefore risking heavy fines from WorkCover Authorities around Australia.

"Dust and fume control and containment are essential for every business regardless of its size, and it is equipment like cabinet dust collectors that make it universally accessible.

"Not only are they affordable and easy to use, the physical size of these units ensures that they fit almost anywhere in a plant and can be relocated with little effort," he said.

"The range of industries that can make use of it extends right across the spectrum including food and beverage, manufacturing, hospitality, welding, pharmaceutical, bulk handling and agricultural and dairy."

Filter bag replacement is very simple with the company's one piece EZ Filter Pack. Cleaning is also very easy because the units have a manually operated filter shaker.

"And with a compact, lightweight yet extremely durable frame, they handle very easily and are installed without tools," Mr Halbert said.

Factory installed filter packs include standard cotton sateen bags, polyester medium inserts, galvanised bag clips, slide latches, and centre support bar.

Positive pressure seal is achieved through a one-piece construction that includes a closed-cell urethane gasket. Four filter bags and three construction choices cover most applications.

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