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article image Dust collector with oval filters.

THE Downlfo Oval 1 series of dust collectors uses oval shaped cartridges to allow large amounts of air flow through the collector without requiring increased size or damaging the filters. They are available from Donaldson-Torit DCE.

The collector minimises initial cost, reduces filter replacement costs, and uses less manufacturing floor space. Suitable industries include general engineering, food, quarrying and mining, and construction.

DFO Models 1-1, 2-2, and 3-3 are self-contained units supplied with a power pack, controls, silencer, damper and dust container. They are easy to move through standard aisles and doorways. DFO Models 2-4 to 4-128 are supplied in 23 standard models sizes. They can be customised and have many options and accessories.

All models have quick release handles for easy cover removal and fast filter access. The Ultra-Web filters provide a long filter life and high filtration efficiency. They trap high amounts of dust on their surface. Shorter and stiffer filter pleats help minimise dust entrapment and enhance filter cleaning. By reducing the height of the filter pleats from the standard 51mm to 38mm, the pleat wall is less likely to collapse or bend. This can encapsulate dust and prevent its expulsion.

Oval filters handle up to 25% more air flow without increasing velocities that can cause filter abrasion. A new cabinet design with convex side walls streamlines the airflow path and increases the cabinet's cross sectional area. It provides more airflow without increasing velocities that can cause filter abrasion.

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