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Donaldson’s tips on servicing air filter changeouts on vehicles

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Engine damage to vehicles is possible in so many ways. One of the least obvious but potentially most damaging is the incorrect fitting of air cleaners.

It is a very common oversight, yet this issue gains even more importance when the vehicle is operating in environments that provide high concentrations of dust, such as mines and quarries, construction sites, outback areas or in the agricultural processing industries.

Therefore it cannot be over emphasised how the correct fitting of an air cleaner is vital for the engine to perform at its optimum.

A badly fitted filter will allow intake of unfiltered air containing harmful contaminants into the engine, causing expensive engine damage and engine failure.

The following steps can save an operator a lot of unnecessary shutdown problems.

Step 1 – Remove the filter

  • Unlatch and remove the service cover of the existing air cleaner then remove the seal carefully. Make certain the latches are folded back against the cover so that they don’t hinder filter removal/installation. Remove the filter gently to reduce the amount of dust dislodging.

Step 2 – Carefully remove the filter element

  • Check the rubber gasket on the filter. It should spring back immediately when pressed down with your finger. Check all rubber hoses and fittings for leaks, splits and cracks. If there is any damage to the gasket, hoses or fittings, replace immediately.

Step 3 – Clean the sealing surface and the inside of the outlet tube

  • Make sure that all dust and other contaminants are removed before the new filter is installed.

Step 4 – Empty the dust cap

  • Dust should not be allowed to build up any closer than one inch from the baffle.

Step 5 – Remove any cause of leaks before installing a new filter

  • A streak of dust on the clean side of the filter is indicative of a leak.

Step 6 – Inspect the new filter for damage

  • Never install a damaged filter.

Step 7 – Fitting the new air filter element

  • Make sure that the sealed end of the filter is facing you and the open end is correctly positioned in the air cleaner housing.

Donaldson  filters with RadialSeal sealing technology are self-aligning, self-centring, and self-sealing.

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